Hi! My name's Paola but most call me Wap.  I'm based in Metro Manila, Philippines and mostly work around Makati City and Bonifacio Global City.

Over 10 years of experience designing for various industries has enabled me to help forward-thinking innovative companies provide meaningful digital experiences that keep their customers invested in their product and loyal to their brand. I do this by designing highly engaging intuitive applications, platforms, onboarding processes, and training materials that would make things simpler and easier for their audience to understand and interact with.

Let's face it, apps, training modules, and online courses can be overwhelming and just plain confusing sometimes. Making digital products and services accessible, usable, and delightful enough for users to keep coming back or continue their subscription can be challenging.

I can take care of that through strategic design and captivating multimedia content that empathizes with your market. I believe that everyone's individual stories are great opportunities to learn and build from. We can create a positive and lasting impact in the lives of those we serve by taking their stories to heart and doing what we can to implement sustainable solutions for their problems.

Let me help you do so by optimizing your ideas and digital products now for your users while increasing your customer retention rate and engagement.

Can't wait to know how you can get started improving (or building) your app, platform, training modules, or online course?

Email me at wapmmercader@gmail.com to inquire. 
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