Hi! My name's Paola Mercader but most call me Wap.  I'm a work-anywhere mom to 2, proud wife of a Visual Effects Artist, and an aspiring Jedi who's into doodling, crafting experiences, upcycling, sustainable growth, adventure, and the force. I'm based in Metro Manila, Philippines and I love living grateful everyday. 

Over 10 years of experience designing graphics, print materials, branding, and digital experiences for various industries has enabled me to help forward-thinking innovative companies provide fun and meaningful digital experiences that make lives better and keep customers invested in your product and loyal to your brand. 

I do this by working with you closely as we dive into the minds of your intended audience and strive to understand their wants, needs, influence, concerns, and fears. I believe that everyone's individual stories are great opportunities to learn and build from. Empathizing with people lets us know what approach we can take and how we can make things intuitive, simple, and enjoyable for your market. 

Having meaningful engaging websites, applications, platforms, onboarding processes, and training materials that actually help and empower people instead of overwhelming and intimidating them can do wonders for any business.

Let me help you simplify and build memorable digital products and services that not only create a positive impact in the community you are serving but also make it fun for your audience to use or interact with. Make them keep coming back excited and eager to learn and get involved. Keep developing and implementing sustainable solutions for their problems as you constantly improve your digital product or service with solid research, strategic design, and captivating multimedia content when we work together. 

Can't wait to know how we can get started? Email me at wapmmercader@gmail.com to share your challenges with your digital product or service. 

I'd love to know how I can help you or contribute to your team. 

It's always a pleasure to learn and serve.
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